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New application for Temporary Exemption Notice

An application for a TEN may be made by a person having control of or managing the property.   Please note that these details will be included on the public register of housing licenses.

If you have no email address for either yourself or another appropriate person which you may use, please contact 01904 552300.

A separate application must be made for every property that requires a Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN). If you require assistance in completing this form, please contact the Housing Standards Team on 01904 552300 or email

If a TEN is served on the property specified within this application, the property will not require a licence during the period in which the notice is in force.

A TEN is in force for a period of 3 months beginning on the date that it is served. City of York Council upon receipt of a second notification, may consider issuing a second TEN for a further period of three months if they consider that there are exceptional circumstances. The second notice would take effect from the end date of the first notice.

The grounds for a TEN from the requirement to licence a property are stated in the Housing Act 2004, Part 2 (Section 62).

If it is decided not to serve a TEN in response to a notification the applicant will be informed of:

  • the decision,
  • the reason for the decision and the date on which it was made,
  • the right to appeal against the decision,
  • the period within which an appeal may be made.

The person concerned may appeal to the First-Tier Property Tribunal against the decision within a period of 28 days beginning on the date that the refusal was made.

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