New application for Revocation/Variation of licence

Your proposal to change the conditions of a HMO licence is made under section 69 of the Housing Act 2004. This allows for the Licence Holder and the Council to agree to changes to Licence Conditions already granted.

The purpose of making changes is to relieve or reduce a legal obligation on the Licence Holder.

Variation can include a change to the levels of occupancy, or if there is a change of address or details of any interested party such as the manager, owner, mortgagor, freeholder, leaseholder. A variation made with the agreement of the licence holders consent will become immediately effective when the notice is issued.

Your proposal for revocation of a housing licence is made under section 70 of the Housing Act 2004. This allows for the licence holder and the Council to agree that a licence can be revoked.

Your proposal will be considered and, if necessary, we may seek further information from you. An officer may need to inspect the property before a decision is made.

If it is agreed that a licence will be revoked a notice confirming revocation will be sent to the licence holder. As revocation is with the licence holder's consent then the notice will be immediately effective.

Any supporting documents should be attached to this application (e.g. new floor plan).

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